No-Dig Options for Irrigation Water Pipe Repair

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Materials Specs

C-8 Slide Gate
C-9 Slide Gate
C-10 Canal Gate
C-10-CIP Canal Gate
F-10 Drainage Gate
Aluminum Drainage Gate
Dual wall Pipe
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Pipe Specification
Pipe Specs

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Backfill Compaction
Backfill Construction
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Design Criteria
Ground Water
Installation Considerations
Load Designs
Materials and Sizes
Maximum Cover
Mechanical Compaction
Pipe Flotation
Pipe Joints
Sample Calculations
Soil Factors
Structural Considerations
Trench Excavation
Vertical installations
Weathering Factors

No-Dig Options


Irrigation - Water Use In Idaho

No-Dig Options for Irrigation Water Pipe Repair

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Kerr Engineered Sales Company is a comprehensive sales and service arm for manufacturers and service providers who outsource their field sales. Kerr staff prides itself on going above and beyond the level of service and support offered by many manufacturers’ representatives. Kerr provides loyal and supportive service to customers in an ever changing industry.

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Poly-Triplex of Texas

To create a better future, we must repair the problems of the past. In the November 2003 edition of Trenchless Technology , James Rush writes that "infrastructure, particularly water and sewer, provide the backbone upon which a city is built. Without adequate infrastructure cities cannot sustain residential and commercial growth." Deterioration of wastewater infrastructure results in the infiltration of water into the sewer treatment system, as well as the loss of time and money.

Poly-Triplex of Texas is the sole licensed installer of the state-of-the-art Poly-Triplex liner system in Texas. Poly-Triplex liners are composed of two layers of structural fiberglass saturated with epoxy resin around an impenetrable inner membrane. Installation is begun with a cleaning of the structure to be rehabilitated before placing the liner within the structure. The liner is applied and cured using a patented pressurized bladder that is steam-heated, binding the liner to the structure surface. The installation and curing process is completed in a matter of hours, with minimal disruption of sewage service.

Dyer Sales

Most culverts used by highway departments are made of steel, which over the years wears or rusts out. Traditionally, to replace a worn out culvert, it is dug up, removed and a new steel culvert put in its place. This process is costly, labor intensive and disrupts traffic flows.

Polyethylene, which is placed inside the existing culvert, comes in sections and snaps together. The pipe that goes inside the existing culvert will be somewhat smaller than the existing pipe, but the new pipe has a smooth wall, unlike the corrugated pipe that it is going inside of. The smooth wall allows water flows equal to or greater than the original culvert pipe that it is replacing.

Many of our culverts are in deeper fills, ranging in depth from 5 to 30 feet. To replace a deep culvert while maintaining traffic can be very costly and time consuming, not to mention aggravating to the traveling public. We have had some pipes that did fail completely and had to be replaced conventionally. The earthwork involved in taking the traffic down reasonable grades with you as you excavate to the pipe is immense.


SAERTEX®-LINER owns a very high e-module of 16.000 N/mm² and therefore is suitable for an insert under extreme static peripheral circumstances. Of course, it is nevertheless important to produce evidence of the static of the liner system for each isolated case. At the moment, the long term pressure test of the job site sample is running in the IKT laboratories. This test will show, if the excellent reduction factor of 1,35 also is valid for liners, that are installed under the rough conditions of a real job site.

Mistakes during the production or installation of the liner can lead to a considerable loss of quality, that might reduce the liner's stability during its use - the IKT research project has already shown this. However, how the atmosphere in the sewer pipe and the operating influences, e.g. pipe cleaning or transport of sediments, really wear away the surface of the liner can only be seen after some years of operation.

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Volume of Water for Ditches

1 miner inch = 9.0513886 gallons of water per minute
98 miner inches of water = 887.036 gallons of water per minute
98 miner inches of water X 24 hours = 1,277,331.9 gallons of water per day

The average lawn uses 7200 gallons of water per week,
31,176 gallons of water per month, and 218,232 gallons of water per season.

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